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Wife gave a little squeal of surprise, followed by a giggle adoring of her husband’s playfulness. A bit of the flour ended up on her cheek.

"Ken-ji~ I’m making nikuman~!"

She reached up to wipe some on his face. Just the whole left side of his face.

"If you want to help, just say so~"

He laughed as she got him with the flour as well not that he had tried to move away.  

"And risk ruining your delicious cooking?" he asked as he gave her a quick peck on the check.  "If you trust me with a task, I’ll be happy to help," he smiled.  More time to spend with his beautiful wife.  How could he say no?

"If it’s just you, Kenji, I should still be able to save the food~"

She smiled, leaning into the light touch of Kenji’s lips to her cheek.

"And I do~ Let’s see~ I’ve got the filling for this right here in the green bowl, I’m making the buns so you can stir the ingredients there for a little bit."

In the bowl was a wooden spoon, next to it were other ingredients that were to be mixed in while stirring; soy sauce, sesame oil, and a few others. Ikuko put her hands back to kneading as she gave a playful wink, following with a slight tease.

"You have to sprinkle in certain amounts of some of those other things next to it, too. Think you can handle that~?"

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Do you know what its like to have the best daughter in the world?

"The best daughter in the world is the one you love with all of your heart, and who loves you just the same.. So, yes~"

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The Bracelet // Ikuko & Koan


A major sale was going on at a high end accessories store in the shopping district and Koan was all over it. The store was going out of business, so the sale was incredible. Women were crowding around all the shiny items, but Koan was quite fierce when it came to sales. She wouldn’t let anyone go between her and a beautiful sale item. The store was so incredibly loud that it was hard for Koan to hear her own thoughts.

Her eyes fell on this adorable bracelet that she must have. Regular price would roughly be 50,000 yen, but today it was selling 85% off. It was perfect and it would look lovely dangling from her delicate wrist. But she noticed another woman going for the same bracelet. She faced her, but didn’t say a single thing. Koan just glared at the older woman and thought, back off lady this is mine

Ikuko, shopping, so synonymous these days. She wasn’t draining the family funds, but she definitely found herself having fun with it. 

Today was quite the rush sale, so every paid woman within a mile was probably here, grabbing every desirable item or trinket in the place. The mother and student was taking a mild stroll midst the activity, bobbing and weaving every now and then to evade any other quick-paced patron. Ikuko was looking for just the right amount of sparkle, whether it was for herself or someone else.


A lovely bracelet, of silver and and amethyst. It was right there for the picking and somehow no other woman was grabbing at it. A grin shined from her as she started towards it, nearly colliding with someone else.

Another woman, a younger one. Ikuko was being faced and glared at, and she just nearly shrunk away in surprise. But, she returned with a look of her own. That sort of no-nonsense-for-mama sort of look she used to use on Usagi, and she bravely took the bracelet from it’s perch and held it close to her chest without breaking eye contact, showing off her black moon bracelet in the process.

'Sorry to do it, but you no one glares at me like that. A rude stranger isn't getting any favors from me. Besides, it was still fair game since neither of us touched it when we both saw it..'


Kenji, calm down. Seriously.

"Kenji, turn around. You’re driving!"