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Price Check || Beryl Mama and Ikuko Mama



Beryl smiled politely and nodded friendly as the woman spoke, but the names that she kept pronouncing made Beryl shiver slightly. She tried her best to control herself and not show this nice woman how sick and disgusted that couple’s names made her feel.

” I see…” Was all she could pronounce as she bit her lower lip and stretched her long fingers, that were a bit sore after carrying that heavy basket. But not only her won face had changed, she could tell something that was in the woman’s mind bothered. That’s when Beryl realized she had no idea who Chibiusa was living with, the former Prince and Princess had not informed this woman where the girl was staying at.

And Beryl could only imagine how that could feel, not knowing where someone she considered her own daughter was. Her own mind would go insane if she didn’t know where any of her girls was staying at…

Her mind was telling her to leave, to just walk away and stop getting involved with that family. Specially with the mother of the one she hated the most… But this woman seemed to be very kind, honest and genuine, and in her heart Beryl felt sorry for her. As a mother herself, she felt the obligation to make the purple haired woman feel better, since she had information that could put her worries away.

Even if the rational thing would have been to walk away, Beryl smiled and nodded.

” That would be lovely.” She said. ” I already got everything I needed, so I can just pay for it and have it delivered to my house. Do you happen to know any nice place we could go around this area? Unless you were busy.”

Beryl leaned down when she realized she had not introduced herself. ” Oh, I’m sorry, my name is Beryl. Mio Beryl Kuroki.”

Still concerned over Chibi Usa in the back of her mind, Ikuko head the other’s response and was delighted to have her offer accepted. And so quickly, too. They were both more or less done shopping, so the two women could make their purchases quickly and easily.

Ah, that’s great~ I’m not busy at all for the rest of the day so—

Her smile froze as she just relayed the information she’d received just moments ago.

— Wait, you’ll have them delivered to your house? How does that..

     With larger applied, mail ordered things, and purchases online Ikuko could understand having things delivered to a person’s home. But with supplies like this that you purchase in-store? The mother of two was tilting her head, trying to grasp this new concept. Rather fortunately convenient, wasn’t it? It wasn’t too perplexing, but mostly surprising, as her face would show. Though, unless Beryl followed up on it, she’d save the thought for later. So, her gentle smiling would resume.

Anyway, I’ve picked up all that I need, also. We can head over to the register and carry on our way~ There’s actually a nice little place not far from here. A Starbucks, actually~!

Ikuko gave a polite bow, just as Beryl leaned down herself. As if their formal introductions had just been completed. In a way, it was, since they now knew each other’s names. They weren’t total strangers any longer.

Mio Beryl Kuroki. Such a beautiful name, and unique, too~

The mother-student could’ve possibly just made a new friend.

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Oh my, it’s the perfect match<3<3<3<3 They’re like puzzle pieces. They fit together because they’re different in the right ways~

"Birdie~! Hi hi~ Would you like a hug, or a sleepover where I could do your nails~? I can do French tips~ Or we could just relax somewhere. We could get Sakura Lattes~"

Immediately gushing over Berthier. 

ikuko would make a great friend and role model for makoto-chan. i bet they both could teach each other a thing or two in the end.

I agree~!

"Makoto-chan, I wonder how she’s been lately, anyway. Hopefully eating well and taking care of herself~"

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michiru and ikuko look cute together, idk lady (//∇//)

It’s the wavy hairstyle, isn’t it? And the calm personalities. I can totally see that.

"Ara, Michiru-san? Hmm, I haven’t had any extended interaction with her just yet.."

Or any.

"Maybe I’ll right into her at some point."

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Chemistry isn’t always romantic~

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Who do you think has/would have good chemistry with my muse?
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The Bracelet // Ikuko & Koan



"I am a nice person, generally.. But, as you can see, it’s in my hand already, right?"

Purple was a very beloved color of Ikuko’s, it matched her hair, complemented her brown eyes and it was just a pretty thing in general, this bracelet. Her expression momentarily softened, letting out a soft breath; she considered letting the bracelet for off with the young woman..until that not-so-flattering utterance was made. Her brow furrowed once more, creating that face of motherly scolding in a less than motherly fashion.

"…There’s really nothing you know that could lead you to that assumption. That kind of talk is just..—"

An opportunity to be rightfully spiteful? Ikuko hesitantly let herself “go there,” sticking out her tongue at the other woman.

"Hmph. If you think I can’t afford it, watch me."

With a look of her, she turned and trotted towards the nearest register with the jewelry in hand.

'I love being friendly with harmless strangers, but you went there. And, what was that about? Me not being able to afford it? How rude. This sale puts it right within my range, by a lot, too.. I haven't splurged too much lately, either. Just because I dress…modestly, I'd say..'

If a scene was ever going to be made, it’d probably be now.

It was true. It was already in her hands. Fine. Fair enough. Koan tried to stay calm by thinking to herself. Calm down, Koan. Just walk away. This old woman is not worth it. 

But as soon as the older woman stuck her tongue out at her, she cringed in absolute anner. How dare she! “Huh?! No way lady, I don’t think so!” As the older woman started walking over to the register, Koan became even more outraged. She started practically sprinting towards her, pushing aside every customer in her way. The beauty quickly moved in front of the other to block any possible entry to the registers

Her eyes fell on the bracelet that was secured in the other’s hands and suddenly Koan’s delicate hands reached for it and grasped on the part that was hanging off the woman’s hand. “I don’t mind making a scene, lady. Hand it over now.”

Ikuko had felt fulfilled, she felt like she’d gotten away with a bit of a childish thing and it was funny. She found herself giggling on her way to the register, but found herself quickly stopped in her tracks.


The other female was now physically preventing her approaching a counter to trade currency for a good; an amethyst bracelet. What an outing! 

Those matching eyes of the younger’s locked on the accessory in her hand, and her hand gripped on to it with just as much intent, making Ikuko gasp a bit. Maybe taunting wasn’t her thing, unless this girl often pursued things that weren’t hers to claim.

"U-Uh.. W-Well, since you seem so dead-set on this..—"

She wasn’t looking to start a rumble during a sale. How mindless. She wasn’t a competitive shopper, though watching them did serve some entertainment. A deal was suggested with a shy, hopeful smile.

"— How about this? I’ll let go of this..if you help me find something cuter~? Either another purple bracelet or a pink one. It’s not an entirely bothersome solution, is it~?”

Worth a shot, right?

"Excuse me~ I don't mean to bother you, but your lipstick is the most beautiful shade of purple~ Where did you get it?"



"I got it at the department store up the street actually. It’s on sale right now." Akuno replied. Why was this woman talking to her?

She gasped a bit as her hand was taken. She was being led towards the familiar lip section. Her smile did widen as this was being done, though she didn’t know why. It just felt right. Once at the lipstick selection, she took a finger and pointed to the purple that Ikuko was seeking. “Here it is. I think it is called ‘bruised plum’ or something to that effect.”


Ikuko scanned the color names for something similar to what Akuno suggested. So many pretty colors with cute or punny names. It took not too long before landing on what Ikuko thought could be the one. Fingers darter out to swiftly pluck it from its display slot.

"Ah~ Akuno-san, is it this one~? Though, the name is a little different. Sweetest Plum Bruise."

A play on a song title, not to Ikuko’s knowledge.

"Suddenly..I’m in the mood for sweets. But, I think it’s a match~"

She turned to her new companion in tow, holding up the sleek tube, trying to visually match the color of the lipstick to that which was on Akuno’s lips already.